Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Don't Run in the Same Crowd.

That's me and stupidity, that is. We've been introduced but I don't like him (him because not only is it grammatically correct but the situation calls for it). We're neither acquaintances nor friends. I have no tolerance for stupidity.

I met a guy, LIC (his location), about a month and a half ago and while I was originally concerned about his height, I agreed (after two to three weeks of me dodging his calls because I didn't know if I should really go out) to go out with him. We had a good time and though he was told *AFTER HE ASKED* that his height kind of bothered me, it was decided by him that we would date anyway. Now, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and enjoyed even more his assertiveness, confidence and slight cockiness. As long as it isn't completely over the top, those attributes are complete turn-ons for me. We've been out a few times since then, always enjoying each other's company...and food. He's a major foodie although he denies it. The point is for us to just casually date because basically, he still has some shit with him about a past long term relationship and I just don't want a relationship right now. It works.

Ummmmmmm, about that working? Hmmm, not so much as of yesterday. LIC managed to stand me up, even though we were on the phone about to set a time for him to come get me. No, seriously. I had to put him on hold a couple minutes but he was getting ready to tell me to get dressed because "I'll be there in xyz minutes." He hung up while he was on hold so I called him back. NO answer so i left a message. Forty-five minutes later, I send a "The Jetsons" ringtone sounding off to signify a response. Werd? I'm being punked? At 28, for the first time in my life, I'm being stood up on a date that was about to happen? Is that how we do it in the '08? Its been 24 hours and I still haven't heard from him. Okay, so unless there is a SERIOUS situation going on that prevents you from giving me a one minute call or even a one line text (he doesn't LIKE to talk over the phone too much), there's really not much room for justification here. Certainly not 24 friggin hours later.

I have a thing for tact and courtesy. I really do. Some people who don't know any better would actually make an attempt to call me "bougie," a word I think is used too loosely. I just understand people being respectful and having COUTH. It isn't hard at all...even if you call/text to say, "For real...I'm not feeling you. I'm good." Hey, I may not like it but it is what it is. Ego bruised? Absolutely. This has never happened to me so I almost don't how to react except to talk about it until I'm not upset anymore.

The problem is: LIC didn't appear to be "that dude." You know, that dude who is just rude and expects a woman to run behind him and sweat him. In fact, he's been the exact opposite: nice,fairly attentive, completely complimentary. All of that. While he's made his *ahem* physical thoughts known, he hasn't been pushy at all. Is it me or does this sound weird? Like, how are you about to tell me to get ready and then don't answer your phone and stand me up? I mean, is he going to wait until he thinks this has blown over? Call me like its all good? Nah money, you don't know me well enough to try that yet. What dumb ass part of the game is that? I'm built for it but I don't have to like it. I mean...ILL.

Now, let's just pray that both LIC and his family are alright and nothing serious has actually happened. There are times that I can be a worrier (another story, another day) so I need to believe he just made a jerk move, pretty much detrimental to him dating me; otherwise, I'll be thinking to call to make sure he's alive only to be like "eff you...have a good life" and I don't want to even give him that benefit. In my gut, I think he's fine so I'll just have to accept that I met a good guy...gone bad.

C'est la Vie! *shrugs and not liking this one bit*


classygari said...

First lets hope that he is ok and nothing horrible happened. Now I'm sure that he will probably call you back someday and most likely act like he did not do anything wrong, but who in the hell does something like that? Dude if you don't want to date me anymore just say so!!! jeez

Siren said...

It sucks that you looked past the physical and tried to be cool with him and he f*cked it up anyway..

give him the deuces and delete his number for good!

Miss BB is... said...

@classy: That's what I'm saying...but we talked about that!

@Siren: I gave one last call on Sunday(the 7th) but no return and before I went to sleep that night, I deleted it. Oh well, oh well!

-Miss BB