Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're All Grown...Right?

If that's the case, why am I having the hardest time trying to post about this without being as crude as possible? My girl, Ladi, was telling me earlier about something going down with her and I was so entertained. Anyone who knows me knows I LIVE for a good story (I can tell them too when there's something interesting going on with me). You know how I've been talking about "The Loneliness" and whatnot? Well, Ladi has been expressing similar things and also how certain "itches" need to be scratched. If we're all grown and aren't embarrassed about our needs, shouldn't we all be able to have them fulfilled?

Shouldn't we all be able to have "Emergency Sex in a Glass?"

Now, for those who don't know what this is, ESIG (which is originally known as "EDIG" intended for the ladies and created by Jay-Z, according to LADI - so you figure out what the "D" means) is that man or that woman you can call when you're in a bit of a rut and don't have someone that you're dating who has gotten to the point with you where they provide that need. I reckon its also the person who can break you off if you are dating someone and the sex just isn't good; I'm only going to say "dating" because if you're just dating, you're not cheating. If you're married and still utilizing the excuse of ESIG, you need to be beat cuz really, you're just cheating.

So, when should we really use ESIG? And how often? I've been thinking about this since our earlier convo and I'm thinking that you can't use all your life lines on ESIG just because you're horny. If you do that, you're now teetering on having that person now becoming a F*ck Buddy and we need to keep the two separate. SO the ESIG is someone that you're very cool with and though you all have maintained a very cool friendship, ya'll have had an episode a time or two and you keep them in the back of your mind in case times get "rough." I'm thinking that because you were friends with this person prior to engaging in "brokeoff-isms," you all can hang out like its nothing when sex isn't involved. My guess is that is one of the differences between ESIG and a FB. In the case of being friends first, I think ya'll can have regular life conversations too. Then, there's the OTHER ESIG who you may have tried to date and it didn't work out but since the sex was so good, you know you can call each other in that time of need. Make no mistake though, the ESIG should be REALLY good because otherwise, what's the effin point? Who in the world is holding on to bad sex in their back pocket in the '08? If that's the case, you best just join me in the Celibacy Blues Room.

I FULLY believe in ESIG even though I don't have it for myself at this time. Why should people miss out on their Crown Royal on Ice just because they aren't seriously dating someone? We're grown...wrap it up, pop a BCP (if that's your female form of BC...or whatever else you choose), and do ya thing. OH, I forgot one very important thing: If you're one of those people who gets emotionally attached to someone after you've had sex with them, ESIC is NOT for you. I PROMISE you will get your feelings hurt in the long run because people like you cannot handle casual sex...and you shouldn't have to if that's not in your personality. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and it doesn't make you a punk or stupid or any other the other lame terms. Just look for other handy alternatives until that person you really care about comes around and feels the same way about you.

Are there any other thoughts or points about ESIG that I'm leaving out? I await any and all comments. Remember, you can post anonymously if you don't want to put yourself on blast. And please, tell your friends to come visit us and add their thoughts!


N.O. LADI said...

I am an internet STAR!! Do you see me shining way down here in the mighty 504?? LOL. So as I was ready this I was smiling...from ear to ear. I know that my EDIG is cool peoples and we both know what the deal is. I have known him for over ten years...and we haven't even had sex 10 times. But for what it is, he is always what I wanted, what I forehead kisses though *wink* And since we are both single at this time, it is the perfect solution!

*EDIG's for the '08*

YES! I'm the Fabulously Dorky Author exiled to the E-List who loves to dish Gourmet-Style! said...

In the wise words of Brittany Alexis Lee, "Everything ain't for Everybody!"

LovinMe4Me said...

Oh the ESIGs, the ESIGs, the ESIGs (she types with tht sly smile) the ESIGs...

Miss BB is... said...

@ The Author:

Oh, how I love Miss Brittany AND her friends!!