Friday, September 5, 2008

We Need an Intervention...STAT.

I was about to go to bed. I was. But, I just had to go on LSA to look at some celeb pics. Jesus be a Trainer...a Manager...a Assistant...

Jesus be SPANX! I'm serious about this right now. I love J. Hud (although she's completely theatrical to me) but as part of the Plus-Sized crew (albeit on the smaller end and more thick than plus-sized...but just a turkey burger away), I cannot and will not continue to be disrespected. I don't claim to be a fashionista but REAL clothes FIT. Look at this FOOLISHNESS and tell me what's RIGHT about it (there are other can look them up yourself and they ARE worse)!! I'm angry right now because outfits like this is part of the reason why my FLY big girls get no love!

Jennifer, if you're going to wear an outfit like this (next time try better material because this look screams RAVE Plus-sized to me), you are going to have to get a trainer and lose some weight. The dress is going to show off EVERYTHING. I will not nit-pick because I have quite a few problem areas and far be it for me to talk about the small things. The reality is, EYE am not trying to be a celebrity. You don't have to be small to bring your A game! She does this all the time and I believe she can do better. I'm not a stylist but I could do it for her if she needed someone ASAP...that's more of a final statement rather than a nice suggestion. It is utterly disrespectful to make the rest of us look bad.

What about the rest of us, J. Hud? Why do we have to suffer along with you? When are you going to stop this? WHEN?!?! What about what EEEEEYE want? *cues Dreamgirls*


*drops mic*


Miriam said...


Eb the Celeb said...

I'm more concerned with her make-up than the outfit... it doesnt look like it matches quite right...

but you are too funny

anywho.. thx for dropping by my spot... its all in NABFEME love... I love me some Ericka... wish she blogged more but happy whenever I get a small piece.

Siren said...

There's not much to say about Jennifer.. she has no friends on her glam squad otherwise they would tell her uhh, no.. nope.. forget about it!!

Hopefully she reads blogs and take heed cause mirrors isn't her thing!!

But Im loving her song spotlight though