Sunday, September 14, 2008

Real Quick Update: LIC is perfectly fine. Don't ask me how I know this (Thanks, Cheerleader) but it is a FACT that he is and well. So, while I was hesitant to say something evil for fear that he wasn't okay, I can go on free! I'm so sure we'll run into each other one day and that will surely be "blog worthy."

So yeah, about the video posted. It is part of my issue...but only PART. I'm a fun person, get along with folks, and all that - I go out a lot and have a GREAT time with my people (PDS crew, my soror-friends crew, and everyone else). But to be honest, I've been feeling kind of "lonely" for lack of a better word (who am I kidding? There is no better word) for the last couple of months. My friends are always around but that's just not the kind of going out I need to do. I need to go out with people of the male persuasion.

I'm very good being single. I LIKE it what way. But being single (for whatever reason you choose and the reason I choose) doesn't mean that you don't date. For a large chunk of my adult life, specifically since I graduated from college and came home, I haven't done that much. Oh yes, there were a few guys I kicked it with but they've been far and few between...and it sucks. Don't ask me why I'm not dating: No, I'm not perfect but I like to believe that I'm a good woman who like everyone else in the world, always has little things to work on. Life, after all, is always a work in progress. But, it isn't always fun to work and just hang out with my girls. So see, this isn't a case of just that kind of "Celibacy Blues."

I wonder how many women are having this...issue? And for those who aren't, where are they meeting men? Its not even that I'm going on this hunt, but I'm a woman so I like to keep my eyes open for pieces of yumminess. LOL! I for one NEVER see any brothas (that's what MY eyes are peeled out for) that peek my interest. I know some women who always find men to date; but, I guess you can also question if they're just dating them to say they're dating someone. I want to date but I don't want to waste my time kicking it with dudes who I normally would have ZERO interest in just to say, "Yeah, I'm actively dating." Its not THAT serious.

My last thought is that, maybe this drought is really because I have a BIGGER fish to fry and there's no need for guppies. Those who know my lil bit of business know what I mean and hell, its been posted before so I'm not going to divulge anything else about that. I guess that's a thought too, huh? Can you just IMAGINE!

I don't know but it has put me in a rut and this is something constantly on my mind even when it doesn't seem like it. There have been certain days when I'm feeling a little "down and out" without being able to point out the reason; maybe this IS the reason I feel like that sometimes. I don't know. I just want to get out there and have some fun!! Shit, I'm cute, I'm cool, I'm smart as hell, and I'm funny beyond belief...CAN I LIVE?!?!?!

Oh and that video?? Yeah, I'm running with that too.


LovinMe4Me said...

Hey Hon...And here I thought I was the only one, I know EXACTLY how you feel (all too well). But to remind you of what you already know things will happen in it's time(but DAAAMMMNNNN it's taking a long time). I guess a drought does happen to the best of us. So in the meantime,guess we need to be prepared for the downpour.


Miss BB is... said...

Yeah, I'm a patient one b/c let's be honest: I don't know any other way to be!

-Miss BB
"You know you love me"

YES! I'm the Fabulously Dorky Author exiled to the E-List who loves to dish Gourmet-Style! said...

Pertaining to "the update"... fuck him, FFUCK him, FFFFFFUCK HIM!

N.O. LADI said...

You already know that we are >>here<< on this subject. Yeah, I have EDIG but there is no substance there. I love that song as well. You know I am a music head as well. This blog touched home base for me!