Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We All Have ONE...right??

So, I was having impromptu co-worker conversation a couple days ago and my blog about ESIG was the original topic. Chief (that's what we'll call him) was telling me that he thinks that he thinks all women have that ESIG and possibly MORE than one all the time! *shock and outrage* How dare he think such a thing about us angelic women and I vehemently denied such an accusation! I actually do disagree with him on that point because...well, look at my past posts. LOL! Anyway, this pushed off into another topic.

Chief said that he thinks all women DO have that one guy that is like a "constant" in our lives. He could possibly be our EDIG. He could be the guy we just talk to on the phone. The constant may be a guy we have the deepest admiration for...and he doesn't even know. Lastly, the constant could even be the person who, despite us not even speaking to them now and maybe not even in awhile, still hovers in our thoughts -be it at the forefront or in the back of our minds. You know the one I'm talking about...don't play. The one that MAKES. YOU. WEAK. Okay, we clear now? Thought so. Anyway, I thought about it for a second and while I initially disagreed for no reason at all, I quickly changed my tune. Personally, I think he has a point. Two of the three other women in my apartment agreed as well but the third one didn't. I'm still not sure why but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But I turned the question around to him and was like, "Men have one too though, right?" This fool gon' tell me "Not Necessarily...cuz you know we always trying to get at something." I told him that was a moot point because just because a guy is trying to holla at a different girl or is smashing the next chick, it doesn't mean for one second that that "special lady" does not occupy his deeper thoughts. He gave me the shrug like, "Welp, I don't know." He doesn't have to admit it but even though I'm not a guy, I know I'm right.

So, what do YOU think? Does every man/woman have that man/woman who is always a constant?

Fellas that are lurking...come out come out wherever you are!!! Ladies, tell your male friends to get on here and answer!

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Southern_Lady said...

My answer is YES!!! Both men and women have a constant. I know I do. I'd like to think that even though it's crazy, men's constants are the ones who are either The Chase or the one who hurt them. They are such fragile creatures, so they need to holler at all these chicks to keep the thoughts of that one girl out of their minds.