Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm Going to Need a Second Wind

My brother moved to Syracuse back in January to be with his then pregnant girlfriend and he came back to Brooklyn for the first time last week. My nephew, whom I last saw when he was three months old when my mom and I went up to Syracuse for a visit, came down with him and he's now a whopping eight months old. They stayed with my mom and since I live only down the block, I went up a few times for a visit.

After he finally got used to me, this boy ran me RAGGED!!! My mom, being the excited grandma she is, went and bought a walker...among other things. He LOVES his walker and it showed. we ran up and down the hall, I pushed him through my legs and just all over the place. When he wasn't in the walker, I was trying to increase his motor skills (he had a few problems when he was born but he's fine now. I'm just like "Mommie Dearest" and I think he can do more), helping him crawl (okay yes, I was trying to encourage him to walk), and I was trying to teach him how to nod "yes" because he is quite well-versed in how to shake his head "no."

He's on a late night schedule where he goes to bed with my brother around 1am and wakes up at 11a for the day. Why this type of schedule? I don't know and I don't like it but I'm not the parent here. Anyway, by the time I would get to see him around 7p he was BEAT but this is THE nosiest baby I've met. He'd be up at 9:30 and I would be saying my goodbyes because, quite frankly, he was making me tired. I couldn't even really hang.

Now, I LOVE kids and by kids, I mean those under 18. Even those hard-headed, knucklehead teenagers that irk all our spirits so much. When I see the babies and the younger kids, I usually have a ball with them and have a running joke where I say, "I'ma get me one!!" Of course, I'm not "there" yet but I do hope to "get me one." Mama Brooklyn Blue (read: my mother), I think, is ready because when I used to make that statement she would give me the side eye and say "mmhhmm...okay." I said it like a month or so ago and she said, "OKAY!!" all excited and stuff. No Ma'am!! Lest I forget that she asked me if I'd ever have a baby by someone we all know (figure it out...I'm not saying because I'm releasing this blog address to a few more people soon). *shock* What ever Mama Brooklyn Blue - I'm still trying to wrap my mind around keeping up with a nephew I don't even see often (they left Friday).

What am I going to do if/when I'm blessed to have my own children? I have to work a full-time job and then come home and work the second job?? I don't think I'm ready!!!

Godspeed to all the good parents, guardians, step parents, helpers of parents, teachers....whoever and WHEREVER!!!

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Janelle said...

I babysat a bratty 4 year old and an adorable 11 month old on Saturday. How do you spell relief?? S-L-E-E-P. As in that is what I did alllllll day Sunday. LOL

I kept thinking "damn I'ma fail. I'ma fail." Need to create a nanny fund. LOL