Saturday, October 18, 2008

Music Snob Review

No, "Good Morning" to YOU, John Legend! And, let me say "thank you." Thank you for pretty much going back to the old voice that you supposedly "lost" and caused you to give us that Frank Sinatra sound on the second album. Thank You for giving me the feeling I felt when I heard "Get Lifted." Good Morning to You!

So let's get into this. The album starts with a "Good Morning" interlude and jumps right into "Green Light." That song, as we all know, is a straight "shake somethin" track and sort of sets the tune for the album. From "It's Over" which features 'Ye (you KNOW he's on this album so don't even start asking "Why does he always have to be on somebody song?) to "whine ya body" track "No Other Love" with Estelle, John gives us quite a few mid to uptempo this time around. I was shaking my head with quite a few "Go 'head then, John" statements throughout the album.

Not to be outdone, you KNOW he made some slow, sweet songs for us to get all Carl Thomasy (read: Emotional) over. "This Time" kicks it off by telling the story many of us know all too well: This time I want It All/Showing You all of the Cards/Giving You all My heart/This time I'll take the Chance/This Time I'll be your Man/I can Be All You Need/This time Its All of Me. We've heard it all before but John makes it sound SO sincere this time. Now, I don't know if "Good Morning" is something he's telling the lady before or after he tells her the lyrics in "This Time" but I love it all the same. The song is very laid back and you can very easily have this playing as "mood music" and the rest will be all up to your and your lady/gentleman friend. Then finally, even in his "We Are the World Moment"on "If You're Out There," he is right on the money.

Now, there ARE a couple of "misses" for me. I could really do without "Satisfaction." There just really is nothing about the beat that I like and it sounds like John is trying to act like he has some mean swag" in the song. I dunno...I just think we could have had a replacement. Also, while I completely ADORE the lyrics on "I Love, You Love," I really don't like how he sings the song. The background vocals are pretty good though.

Let's end this on a good note because I REALLY enjoy this album. The filler songs (check out "Quickly" with Brandy, "Take me Away," and "Everybody Knows") fit in very well and are pretty hot. The "hush hush" songs (aka the bonus tracks) are cool and I actually like the Teddy Riley remix of "It's Over" better than the original version. I think my favorite tracks right now are...nah, I'm not going to even do it. I really like SO MANY SONGS on this album that I can't pick one.

Pick it up in stores Tuesday, October 28th!!!! It DEFINITELY gets the Music Snob Stamp of Approval (just envision it because I don't have an actual one right now).

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N.O. LADI said...

BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmao! So you already know that I have been in LOVE with "Good Morning" and I am a huge JL fan. I will def be picking up this cd. The words of this song are so deep...and I want a love like that!!! I am preety sure that you're review of "Evolver" is def on point!!! I will tell you what I think once I cop it, ok?