Sunday, August 31, 2008

Microphone Check 1, 2..1, 2!

The question and dilemma is: Do I completely turn my mic on and let everyone I know, for the most part, about the blog? There are a FEW people who know about it ("board" fam and a couple of other people) but I haven't really worked up the nerve to tell everyone about it.

Why? The first reason is that I'm actually kind of private. Private in the sense that I don't always tell people in my circle what I think about something said or done because it really isn't necessary. But the purpose of this blog is to help my writing skill and further expand my creative mind and that will only be done if I post not only about my life but the lives of others that I know (and the occasional celeb). But I'm conflicted because how can I post about a situation about a friend and what I think about it if I haven't even told them? Case in Point: Future Politician. I know there will be plenty of times (my second entry, I believe, being one of them) that I will say something about him that he may not even know is a thought in my head. I may say something really "unnecessary" or maybe even "mean," because I got frustrated with one of our conversations. But, how can I let him read the blog when there may be things about him on here that I have yet to discuss with him? FP is a HUGE , HUGE fist pumper and supporter of my writing and I'd like - scratch that, LOVE - to share it with him...but I'm scared. This goes for a lot of other people in my life. I don't want anyone to think I'm phony or anything because I choose to write my thoughts on the blog instead of sometimes (and trust, there are times when my mouth doesn't understand "shut up") just telling them.

The other issue is...Privacy of a different sort. I would like to share with my co-workers. But many of them, in all of their excitement (I do work with some good people) will share with other co-workers who I may not be comfortable with them knowing the "inner workings of me." What do I do then? Certainly, I can't stop anyone from reading it...I'm just nervous.

Alright, so I don't know. Maybe I need to just rock out with the "Oh Well Oh Well, let the chips fall where they may" theory that I usually try to follow. Perhaps this is a sign that for the first reason, I should be more open with my friends? I don't know - it just doesn't always seem like the best idea to let it all out at all times.

I think I'll turn the mic on...with the volume getting louder a little bit at a time. Yeaaaah, that's steps, lil' whippersnapper.

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Janelle said...

First, YEAH!!!!! You started a blog and I'm already a fan. :)

Second, I wish I could offer advise on how to balance your blog exposure. I'm still trying to navigate that world myself (Hustle still reads and now I have family members who are fans). All I can say is that if anyone questions you about something you write that you don't want to talk about, tell them: "its not up for discussion". You'll find that those who love and support you will continue to do so. But I won't lie, you will find yourself editing yourself ALOT. Good luck, girl!!!!!

Third, WHERE THE HELLLLLLLLLL did you find that picture?????? LOL