Friday, August 29, 2008

The Music Snob

Allegedly, the Music Snob is me. Lucky (one of my good friends...a HUGE champion of mine and I'm the same for her) crowned me as such a couple of months ago because I think she started to notice how critical I am of every piece of music I hear. Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned something about newcomer Jazmine Sullivan that was in line with what she said and here goes Lucky, "Welp, the Music Snob has spoken! I thought it was just me but she said it too so that's that!" It really cracks me up and I don't mind it at all. Who knows? It might help me to get a gig as a Music Critic.

For as long as I can remember, and being able to remember as far back as age two and I'm on my late 20s, music has been a huge part of my life. My mom always had Aretha and The Temptations on repeat on the record player as she cleaned and I used to love hearing her sing. When I was three, I had my own small record player that would play the little 7-inch joints (Disney songs and The Little Golden Book made albums too). By the time I was six, my parents were buying me my own albums by some old school artists that they thought were okay for me. Lest we forget, New Edition was about to blow up so I had ALL that music. At this point, I've learned to harmonize from my line sisters who can actually sing AND if you ever put me on hold on the phone, it's likely you'll come back to me singing. It has been like my bloodstream for so long that I believe I can speak on good music.

I'm critical to the bone about what I like in music and what I, obviously, don't like in music. Keeping it 100, there's a lot of music that is WACK. *le sigh* The 90s is where it was at with hip hop and definitely R&B. I really miss it and because I want to always be able to sing my favorite new song, I search high and low for soem REALLY good music. If I'm honest, there are a couple of songs they play on the radio that I like. For the most part, any R&B artist I like, MUST be able to is MY pre-requisite and oh well oh well, if you can't. But there are some SONGS that I like by people who aren't the best singers in the world (I do like The Dream's songs sans all the cursing) and some of the lyrics are good. You see, I got into my field of work for a few reasons (1) my love of people; (2) Wendy Williams - more on that another day and; (3) music. So, as my life goes on, I want to be a songwriter and give the music some substance and some class (even if it is a lil raunchy...think present-day Mario with the "Music for Love" with his nasty self, lol). I see it slowly trying to come back and I would hope to continue.

My hip-hop love is always on thin ice these days. I find myself loving those who are considered "popular conscious" rappers (read: Common, Mos aka Dante, Talib, etc...). I also LOVE Ludacris (I mean, for real he is one of my FAVORITES), Kanye and Jay. But other than that, I'm like "Eh, whatever." I find Wayne to be funny but he isn't moving mountains or anything for me. So now I'm even thinking that I need to start ghost writing or something to make it all better. I want the lame ass dudes to get on somewhere so that we don't have to hear the same shit on the radio getting 100 spins a week. UGH!

By the way, I do love all music - these are just two that I'm most surrounded by. But I listen to it all at least once because you never know when you're going to hear something that "hits" you or when the beat will just take you somewhere else.

So when you read the posts and probably more often than not, see a Youtube video of some song posted (probably r&b but there will be hip hop), just know that this comes from somewhere DEEP. I LOVE music - it really is my heart. So just vibe to what I bring. OuuOuuOuu, if you know of a good song or album, out it in the Comments section so we can discuss it or so I can take a listen. I'm always looking for something new.

Happy singing!

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