Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Symbol of My Love


I was over at The YBF checking out the latest and greatest in the Celeb World when I came upon some pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Harris (better known as T.I. and Tiny) in the city while he's promoting the movie, "Takers." Tiny, of course, is wearing the Rock of Gibraltar on her ring finger proudly. They've been together for a long time and she's "held him down" during his stint in prison and now that they're married you can best believe we're going to see an inconspicuous ring pose even though she's "not trying." T.I.? Not so much. I looked at various pictures and he didn't have the ring on. Some men don't' wear their rings and I don't get it too much but I scrolled down to the comments section. Here's the first comment:

"TI wearing his ring around his neck remind me of Carrie from Sex & The City. She thought of some bullish lie, talkin' about '..it's closer to my heart that way' but then a week later, they broke up. Mmmhmm."

Wait, what? His neck? I scroll up and sure enough, TI has the ring on a necklace in all his pictures. Interesting. Now, Clifford (I call these celeb types by their government names when I'm serious) could quite possibly be allergic to the of metal used made to design the ring. But as a rich man who could probably have a ring designed using material that he wouldn't be allergic to, I'm guessing that's not the reason. So what reason could he have for not wearing the ring? Aren't rings - wedding rings in particular - made to be worn on the ring finger?

This topic has come across in discussion at the workplace. Dubb has said that it is okay to not wear a ring all the time because some people just don't like jewelry. Others have been of the opinion that a wedding ring is not just any other piece of jewelry; instead, it is a symbol of the union two people have made towards each other. That if you're going to put it on your finger during the ceremony, why do you have a problem wearing it all the time? Finally, some said "Its not a big deal if a person wears a ring or not - that doesn't mean they're denying that they're married." Yes, a man surely can (and lots do) admit that he's married without wearing the ring.

Someone like TI, of course, is in the public eye so we know for a fact that he's married. We don't know the average man on the street and for many single women, seeing a ring (or the outline of wear is supposed to be before the man took it off to go get something on the side) is an indication of a marriage. For some of us, it makes it easy for us to say "okay, he's not available to me." Others don't care and are quite attracted to a married, basically unavailable man. If the ring is on a chain being worn as a necklace, it is quite possible that we'll never see it. It can be hidden under a shirt, taken off, or actually worn right in front of us without paying attention to a necklace.

So, if you don't want to wear your wedding ring, are you in essence saying that you don't want to make it known that you're married?

Let's Discuss.

NOTE: Yes, this can be applied to a woman to but since I happened to see it on T.I., I kept it a little more male skewed.