Thursday, February 26, 2009

For the Love of Ray-J

circa 2003 or 2004

It was either my 23rd or 24th birthday and some friends of mine, past and current, along with some of their friends went to the 40/40 to celebrate. It was my first time there and as Jay-Z's biggest fan and lover in my head, I felt it my duty to go and do it up at "our" establishment. So, we're dancing, laughing, and drinking (bartender giving free shots) - having a good time. The music is never GREAT but if it's alright, it usually isn't a big deal because you're partying.

Enter Ray-J walking down the stairs.

Now, we don't live under a rock so we all know that Ray-J is Brandy's brother aka Mr. Cannot sing aka Mr. Nobody (especially at this point b/c there had yet to be any mention of a Kim K). So my homegirl's friend - let's call her Tiana - is like, "There's Ray-J." I notice him and his friend in their chinchilla squirrel coats, obviously hot as hell in the packed club/lounge walking around trying to be cool. He stops next to me at the bar and Tiana is like, "Yooo, we should make him feel real good - gas him up!" She proceeds to tell him it's my birthday and he goes, "Ohhhhh, its yo birtday?" in that Cali accent. Yes, "birtday" because it sounded like he left out the "h" in the word "birthday." I tell him yes in a very monotone voice and continue to sip my drink. Tiana, needed to be entertained at mine and Ray-J expense hypes him on: "Ouuu Ray-J sing her happy birthday!!!" I. AM. MORTIFIED. An "entertainer" likes to always put on a show and this moment was certainly no exception.

He busts out in song. His tune of "Happy Birthday: sounded like a nasally Alvin & the chipmunks rendition. We're all holding back our laughter (well, those of us in his direct view) but Tiana is gassing him HARD with a loud, "Yeaaaaaaaah! Saaaaaang, Ray-J!!" He finishes and I am completely outdone. Rarely the bitch and always trying to be the lady, I thank him and he goes on about his business. I continue mine with my girls.

This unfortunate catastrophe of Ray-J singing to me on my birthday could have put a downpour on the evening. But never fear, SUPERMAN appeared. Yes, Jay-Z showed up that night!!! He was RUSHED in so quick that I didn't even see him! I squealed and screamed for a hot second (though I promised myself I wouldn't not FIVE minutes before he came) before I regained my composure and stared at him from afar for the rest of the night! *puts L to my forehead*

Anyway, for the LOVE OF RAY-J, let us never have a moment like that again!

Friday, February 13, 2009

New York State of Mind

Let's get it out of the way: The FP touched down last Thursday! We enjoyed seeing the city together and got to hang out in a way that we've never hung out before: for more than just two hours. It was a cool weekend and only because I just don't want to talk about it anymore, I'm leaving out the "downer" moments for me.He and I have addressed it, still love him to pieces, and among other feelings, that's it. We had a good time. By the time we got to the airport, I was crying for quite a few reasons. Ohhh, such a girl!

Today's Focus is: Living in New York. While the FP was here, he suggested we go to "Top of the Rock" at Rockefeller Center. Now, I'd never been and like many born and raised New Yorkers, there are many other tourist attractions I've never seen (yes, the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building are on my list) so I was up for this! So, we take our quick ride up to the Mezzanine level (you can see it from the street) and we're walking through what's kind of like the History of not only Rockefeller Center but also a small history of the man himself and those harsh economic times. There were some cool facts on the walls. As we were exiting there, we stopped to take a picture of us on a fake ledge in front of the NYC skyline (of course, my mom thought it was real at first).

So, now we go up to the 65th Floor. They're doing this "Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson" type intro to the top levels with a virtual show playing through the ceiling. All very cool and exciting.

We step outside and I'm amazed. It's a beautiful evening and you can see the entire city so clearly. It's breathtaking. The FP and I are trying to get our cameras right to take the best pictures despite the plastic guarding surrounding us (you know the walls the bulletproof type walls that the President has? I doubt what's up there is bulletproof though - just to make sure you don't drop stuff off the roof.). We walked around and I showed him buildings that I knew, embarrassed myself with my lack of direction, and showed how little I knew about some of the bridges. We stayed out there for a few minutes before going back inside to go up another two levels to head out to the COMPLETE Top of the Rock.

My heart almost skipped a beat and I really thought a tear would drop. This is my city. I've lived here all my life (okay, I went away to college for four years but my permanent address had NY on it) and in this moment, I understand why so many people either come to visit or come to live. Just looking at the city makes you believe that you can do anything and everything. That the Big Apple is really big enough for you and all your friends to take a bite from it and make your way. I've lived here all my life and I finally GET IT. I barely knew where the FP was during that time. My thoughts were able to wander and be totally free. My emotions were all caught up because I've never seen my city from this high and from this angle.

How could I ever be without this city? I NEED this city.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Domesticated Lady.

Lately, I've been having a conversation with myself about my lack of "do it yourself" energy. I rarely cook, only clean because I like to keep a tidy house, and don't fix things for myself. Why? I guess it's because I've never really HAD to and really just am not interested in it now for the most part. But I know this cannot last. I have to EAT on a daily basis and this will not include me eating out everyday (ironically enough, I never eat out for dinner). What's a girl to do? How do I fix this lack of domestication when it's never been my priority?

Growing up, my mom would always call me into the kitchen when she was cooking - you know, to watch what she was mixing, how much of it, and how it all came together. I NEVER CARED. EVER. It truly bored me to pieces because, just like I do now, I wondered WHY everything had to take so long and why you had to watch the food if it was already cooking. OF COURSE, you have to do that so it won't burn or overcook, but I HATED that part. So, while my mom really wanted me to learn, she saw that I just wasn't interested and stopped making me watch by the time I was like 16. Some 16 years olds knew how to cook by then but since I wasn't ever paying attention, it all just went in one ear and out the other. At this point in my life, I can make a couple of dishes and outside of the meats, I can make a holiday meal that will make you slap ya mama...but that's it. I don't cook everyday foods.

I'm not handy because...I HATE that. I don't want to hang up things or fix things or anything in that sector of life. When things need to be done in my apartment, I often see if I can get a friend to do it or it just MIGHT not get done at all. In this very moment, I have two mirrors, wall cubes, and a picture that need to be hung - I'll only be doing my small mirror and wall cubes. I'm just kind of like "whatever" about this whole idea of being handy around the house. Can't I just automatically have these skills?

So to all my ladies who have these skills, in part or in full, how did you acquire them? How do I get them? I need help...and I'm not joking!