Sunday, August 31, 2008

Microphone Check 1, 2..1, 2!

The question and dilemma is: Do I completely turn my mic on and let everyone I know, for the most part, about the blog? There are a FEW people who know about it ("board" fam and a couple of other people) but I haven't really worked up the nerve to tell everyone about it.

Why? The first reason is that I'm actually kind of private. Private in the sense that I don't always tell people in my circle what I think about something said or done because it really isn't necessary. But the purpose of this blog is to help my writing skill and further expand my creative mind and that will only be done if I post not only about my life but the lives of others that I know (and the occasional celeb). But I'm conflicted because how can I post about a situation about a friend and what I think about it if I haven't even told them? Case in Point: Future Politician. I know there will be plenty of times (my second entry, I believe, being one of them) that I will say something about him that he may not even know is a thought in my head. I may say something really "unnecessary" or maybe even "mean," because I got frustrated with one of our conversations. But, how can I let him read the blog when there may be things about him on here that I have yet to discuss with him? FP is a HUGE , HUGE fist pumper and supporter of my writing and I'd like - scratch that, LOVE - to share it with him...but I'm scared. This goes for a lot of other people in my life. I don't want anyone to think I'm phony or anything because I choose to write my thoughts on the blog instead of sometimes (and trust, there are times when my mouth doesn't understand "shut up") just telling them.

The other issue is...Privacy of a different sort. I would like to share with my co-workers. But many of them, in all of their excitement (I do work with some good people) will share with other co-workers who I may not be comfortable with them knowing the "inner workings of me." What do I do then? Certainly, I can't stop anyone from reading it...I'm just nervous.

Alright, so I don't know. Maybe I need to just rock out with the "Oh Well Oh Well, let the chips fall where they may" theory that I usually try to follow. Perhaps this is a sign that for the first reason, I should be more open with my friends? I don't know - it just doesn't always seem like the best idea to let it all out at all times.

I think I'll turn the mic on...with the volume getting louder a little bit at a time. Yeaaaah, that's steps, lil' whippersnapper.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Music Snob

Allegedly, the Music Snob is me. Lucky (one of my good friends...a HUGE champion of mine and I'm the same for her) crowned me as such a couple of months ago because I think she started to notice how critical I am of every piece of music I hear. Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned something about newcomer Jazmine Sullivan that was in line with what she said and here goes Lucky, "Welp, the Music Snob has spoken! I thought it was just me but she said it too so that's that!" It really cracks me up and I don't mind it at all. Who knows? It might help me to get a gig as a Music Critic.

For as long as I can remember, and being able to remember as far back as age two and I'm on my late 20s, music has been a huge part of my life. My mom always had Aretha and The Temptations on repeat on the record player as she cleaned and I used to love hearing her sing. When I was three, I had my own small record player that would play the little 7-inch joints (Disney songs and The Little Golden Book made albums too). By the time I was six, my parents were buying me my own albums by some old school artists that they thought were okay for me. Lest we forget, New Edition was about to blow up so I had ALL that music. At this point, I've learned to harmonize from my line sisters who can actually sing AND if you ever put me on hold on the phone, it's likely you'll come back to me singing. It has been like my bloodstream for so long that I believe I can speak on good music.

I'm critical to the bone about what I like in music and what I, obviously, don't like in music. Keeping it 100, there's a lot of music that is WACK. *le sigh* The 90s is where it was at with hip hop and definitely R&B. I really miss it and because I want to always be able to sing my favorite new song, I search high and low for soem REALLY good music. If I'm honest, there are a couple of songs they play on the radio that I like. For the most part, any R&B artist I like, MUST be able to is MY pre-requisite and oh well oh well, if you can't. But there are some SONGS that I like by people who aren't the best singers in the world (I do like The Dream's songs sans all the cursing) and some of the lyrics are good. You see, I got into my field of work for a few reasons (1) my love of people; (2) Wendy Williams - more on that another day and; (3) music. So, as my life goes on, I want to be a songwriter and give the music some substance and some class (even if it is a lil raunchy...think present-day Mario with the "Music for Love" with his nasty self, lol). I see it slowly trying to come back and I would hope to continue.

My hip-hop love is always on thin ice these days. I find myself loving those who are considered "popular conscious" rappers (read: Common, Mos aka Dante, Talib, etc...). I also LOVE Ludacris (I mean, for real he is one of my FAVORITES), Kanye and Jay. But other than that, I'm like "Eh, whatever." I find Wayne to be funny but he isn't moving mountains or anything for me. So now I'm even thinking that I need to start ghost writing or something to make it all better. I want the lame ass dudes to get on somewhere so that we don't have to hear the same shit on the radio getting 100 spins a week. UGH!

By the way, I do love all music - these are just two that I'm most surrounded by. But I listen to it all at least once because you never know when you're going to hear something that "hits" you or when the beat will just take you somewhere else.

So when you read the posts and probably more often than not, see a Youtube video of some song posted (probably r&b but there will be hip hop), just know that this comes from somewhere DEEP. I LOVE music - it really is my heart. So just vibe to what I bring. OuuOuuOuu, if you know of a good song or album, out it in the Comments section so we can discuss it or so I can take a listen. I'm always looking for something new.

Happy singing!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Take Me to Another Place...PLEASE!!!

I had about two or three other topics to potentially discuss, but the "weirdness" or "freakiness" I saw on the train this evening on the way home from work this evening, just completely took over my mindset.

I left work at 4:50 because my house phone and *Jesus take the wheel* my INTERNET went out at some point yesterday and I had to be home for the dreaded technician. I've also been on a quest since SUNDAY for my Tropicana Tropics Orange Peach Mango juice. Any-ra-hoo, for those who don't know, it is of my opinion that the "number trains" like the 1/2/3/4/5 (I've never been on the 7 and the 9 is in metal heaven) are home to the homeless people, while the letter trains - scratch that - the A train is home to the stone cold weirdos. Alright, now that we've gotten that out the way, I can proceed...

So, I get on the train and am walking to the seat, literally RIGHT in front of it about to sit down, when this woman thinks she's about to BOGART me and sit down. I turned to sit, saw her coming, looked at her like "Girl, bye" and I sat on down. She sits in the seat parallel to mine and her man is standing facing her. Here begins the madness. She puts her hand under his shirt and is moving it all around in a certain area of his stomach I guess as though its his "spot" or something and at one point, she kind moves towards his pants a bit. I'm sitting here saying, "Lady, please don't" to myself but not only does she continue to rub her fingers around his "spot," but she's sticking her tongue out and rolling it over her lips. Aroo?? It's 5 o'damn clock!! At this point, they're staring deeply into each others eyes (although she has on sunglasses) and his left arm was flexing mad weird. I want to mind my business but I can't - I'm right there. HELL, does anyone else see this?! I was wondering if his arm flexing was any indication of what was going on in his "lower region." At this point, someone gets off so he now has a seat right across the "aisle" from her so I'm "wiping my brow" because the freakiness has ended.

Or, so I thought. The staring began again and this man has motioned down to her tootoot. Okay, now I'm looking around and I notice other people have started to notice these fools. It's like, you don't want to look but you CAN'T turn away or close your eyes. Besides, I was tired and feared missing my stop. It's really weird and as to not have to share this alone, I'm IMing my friend, Lucky, so that when I get on street level, she'll be able to read this for herself. So anyway, he's now put his sunglasses on and they're staring deeply again. Okay, I'm wondering if these people are on their way to or from an NA meeting or something because I'm spooked. Someone else gets off the train so she runs right across to the seat behind him and since they turn outward, they're basically sitting right next to each other. He's whispering something, who KNOWS what, and even though she's right next to him, she leans in further, almost a bit standing. You know what? It looks like this crazy ass woman is trying to get his tongue in her ear!! Oh Jesus Mary K-ci and Jojo, I can't BREATHE at this point...trying to hold into laughter! She takes her glasses off and now I see that she has a black eye. I mean, its big, black, and BRUISED. She got her world ROCKED! Of course, they got off at the same stop I did but luckily, I was hightailing it into a different direction!

Real talk, I just didn't know what to do with myself. Yes, I guess I could have looked in another direction but I mean, who completely LOOKS AWAY when the craziness begins? I love to people watch so there's no way EYE was turning away. Oh well, oh well!!

Oh, my internet and phone are both back up and running! I also, after four days of going to the store, got my juice. I OD'ed and bought SIX containers of this juice. Maybe I can see why they were out; this juice is usually at least $3.59 a container and it was on sale 2/$4. I mean,m REALLY!! Here's the juice if you want to try it (not the best pic...sorry)'s over tomorrow at Key Food (for the NYers and NJians, lol):

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is This the Way Love Goes?

I have a politician, of sorts, who came into my life almost three years ago. For the purposes of blogging, he'll be deemed now and throughout all future blogs (where he is SURE to come up again) as the Future Politician or "FP." We met about three years ago when my best friend and his best friend were together and having a baby; hence, we share a very important person in each other's lives. When I met him, I was like "Mmph, I love me a Southern boy" so I devised a lil plan to make sure we stayed in contact.

Long story short, we've been friends almost three years and this is the most "simple complication" of them all in my life. We are platonic. In case anyone is mistaken, read: no kissing and no sex. There's been no cuddling. We live in two different cities and there's only been TALK. Talk about NOTHING and EVERYTHING, including the "possibility" of us one day trying a little something different if one of us ever had to make a move to the other's city for work purposes. FP is MAJOR to me on so many levels: smart, attractive, TALL (it's got to be that all the tall brothers moved to the south b/c they aren't really in NYC anymore), hilarious, sarcastic, etc. He is almost the male version of me which is PERFECT for my personality. Our friendship is MAJOR and it runs, for both of us, very deep. Some may say, "Oh that's YOU talking like that because you're the girl and you're soft." But NO, ask him and he'd tell you the same. I believe in letting a man handle his business but if he weren't around and somebody was talking crazy about him, come see me. Me and my never having had a fight ass would be throwing "dem thangs" before I just let you talk isht about him. Yes, I'm serious.

But let me say, these three years of GREAT conversation and MY trips to the ATL - repeat, MY trips to the ATL - are starting to take their toll on me. I love this man and considering that I've never been "there," I think this is saying a lot. But its been about 10 months since we've seen each other and like always when its been a long time, we're REALLY snappy - he more than usual. Conversations are short. The silence is severely uncomfortable. My knee-jerk reaction to anything that remotely sounds out-of-pocket is, "WHAT?" At the end of almost our last five or six conversations, they have ended in STUPID disagreements or arguments. I'm clearly going to have to address THAT issue because it took me LOW on Saturday and almost made me say some things that I know I would have regretted after the fact.

So, does he have a girl down there now and trying to push me off? I don't know and while I THINK he would probably tell me (I've asked, he said no), he also says that I wouldn't be able to take it. LOL, I wouldn't be able to take it on the INSIDE but I decided long ago not to let him see me "sweat" anymore. Besides, we're just platonic, right? I don't have a problem admitting that I'm caught up in him - probably more than him - and that's why I'm readjusting myself and making myself take the REAL friendship zone. But, this is hard...and I don't know how to hide my feelings because (1) he knows me so well and knows when something is wrong, (2) I don't want to and (3) I shouldn't have to. He's got to do some things better too and unfortunately, his stubbornness allows him to act like he has no idea what I'm talking about. What Future Politician is ALWAYS up front about their ways and actions?

I just wonder how much longer we can go on as platonic, non-platonic (emotionally speaking) friends. Is there going to come a point where one of us is just ready to let it all go? Is someone going to step into the heat...or get out of the kitchen? I don't know.

I guess this is what happen when you get all caught up. Damn Feelings. Thanks, Floetry (miss ya'll, by the way)...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Time is Now

I suppose I've toyed with the idea of creating a blog long enough. I've been more hesitant because I know I have my favorite blog and they're just so good that I was (and still am ) a little nervous that the "little" stuff I have to say or talk about won't be interesting. But...whatever! I'm here now so I might as well "talk."

This is just the introduction so forgive me if I don't talk about the important stuff straight off the bat. But, here are a few housekeeping things for us all to keep in mind:

  • The "look" may change as we all move forward - these color schemes may not always be my flavor of the month.
  • I, Miss Brooklyn Blue, promise to liven the blogs up a bit with random pictures of things relevant to the post. I talk a lot so this is more important for me to remember than anything.
  • We'll be honest. This is my truth serum so, good or bad and right or wrong, I'll be honest. If I can dish it, I can take it.
So, there will be life talk (you'll learn more about what I do in a 9-to-5 as I go on and on), love talk (or lack thereof, lol, from time to time), and all types of relationships. Let us not forget everything in between, so this should be fun.

Welcome...and LET'S GO!!