Sunday, December 21, 2008

Music Snob Review: Anthony Hamilton, "The Point of It All"

I had no doubt. I wasn't even worried about it not being great. Even when I said to myself, "Why the hell did he put David Banner on this song," did I have any doubt that Anthony Hamilton's new cd "The Point of it All" would have not only been worth the wait but worth my money. Yes, I've had a copy of the cd since before it was actually released but this Anthony is always worth me dropping a couple of dollars.

The cd opens with "The News," which in true Anthony fashion, discusses the hardships of today's times. I know we look for him to do love songs but I always really enjoy his socially conscious songs as well. But be clear, after "The News," it is time to make babies. Real Talk. He begins by telling a woman he loves her just the way she is on "Diamond in the Rough" but apparently it just doesn't work out the way he expects because on "Hard to Breathe," he speaks on how he loved her so deep and got caught up, that he sees her in every other woman now that they've broken up. It is one of those songs (produced by Mark Batson, whom Anthony has worked with on "Charlene" and other hits) that you hear how painful it is and makes you want to sing the pain away right along with him - like I do when I'm listening to it on REPEAT...on the train.

The title track, "The Point of It All," is very simple, but beautiful. When you hear him say, "My day seems long whenever we're apart...its like someone has stole away my heart," you KNOW he means every word of it. How? Simple. Its because ANTHONY DAMN HAMILTON says, "...and the point of it all is I LOVE YOU/The Reason for it All is I LOVE YOU." The way this man sings, you will believe everything he says and that's it.

I could really go into the reason why I love every track but I won't. Instead, let me just say that you MUST tune into "Her Heart." Anthony is telling a story of his woman (and possibly, the women in his past whilst on this musical journey) stood by him no matter how many times it hurt him to be gone or not pay as much attention to her as he once did. But he says that, HER HEART won't let him lose her. Its a beautiful song of how often times we want to do the right thing and think we are (sans cheating, lying and other mess), it still hurts the one we love but the essence of that person won't let us leave them. Mmph, mmph, mmph...tell the truth!

If you haven't noticed yet, this is a "Please RUN and BUY this cd" not bootleg it!!! Oh, and I got to have a quick convo with him at work about his music and he told me: God is Good and always working for me to do this and have people like you love it." TELL IT!

Oh, one final note that will push you to get it. The following is in the "Thank Yous" part (isn't that THE BEST part of buying the real thing) where Anthony is speaking to his wife, former background singer (maybe she still sings with them sometimes) and singer, Tarsha McMillan-Hamilton. I think it sums up a lot of the songs on "The Point of It All":

"...God gave me you because He felt I would take care of you and that I would build in you and with you for His glory. I love you woman, with all I understand and that I don't I seek. TO LOVE YOU DEEPER IS WHY I EXIST...


Eb the Celeb said...

Oh my God... Her heart is my favorite song... I just talked to him today about it. He said it was about his wife and how he wasn't always the best better half and he finally had to be a man and realize he didn't want to hurt her. I can relate to that song on so many levels.

Please stay is also my jam!

N.O. LADI said...

Girl!! I LOVE this cd...which is a given cause its AH!! We both know he is the truth. "Her Heart" is my fave song of the moment. The words really touch me...but the whole cd is golden. I cannot wait to catch him in concert agian...maybe he'll come for Essence *fingers crossed*