Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas!

Well, tomorrow is Christmas Day!!! I finally got into the Christmas spirit when my co-workers opened their gifts and were completely excited about them. I tend to not ask for lists instead preferring to listen intensely and remembering what they said during that time. I think that adds to the excitement of it all when someone didn't ask for something, never knew you were listening, and they LOVED the gift. I JUST sent FP's gift today and I'm sure it'll come in handy. Others will be late if I send them at all and if I don't, well HEY. That brings me to the point of this quick post.

I do believe Christmas '09 will be canceled for everyone but children and people that I REALLY see fit to give. With the new addition to my family (my nephew was born in January), he was pretty much at the top of the list but he also has a brother, a sister and a mother. My mom and I are going up to see him (my brother lives up there too for now - another story for another day) in the morning so it would be completely uncouth of us to NOT take them anything. But when I say I have dug deep in to my pockets, I am NOT playing. Laaaaaaaaawd, I have spent SO much money since Friday that it makes no sense. I cannot do this next year - unless I'm making A LOT more money and stay within the amount I spent. Woooo Chile!

Okay, that's all I wanted to say. BUT, I am still in the holiday spirit! Here are a few songs I love (the first one is from a movie that came out during the holidays but it isn't a Christmas song) and Merry Christmas:

Remember this (I had to use the movie clip b/c the other videos won't let me post here):

"Give Love":

Ohhhhhh and we will NOT forget Donny:

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