Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Was All Good Just a Week Ago

The Single Life happens sometimes by choice, by circumstance or if you're like me, a little bit of both. I'll get into that for another day because it isn't the FULL purpose of today's blog (it is in a roundabout way but I digress).

I live in the hottest apartment in the far. I've always assumed that it probably was since I moved in a couple years ago but my super confirmed it last year: "Oh my GAH!! Why is so hot in heaaaa? Jessis Christ. Its not dis hot anywhere else in di building." He has a thick Puerto Rican accent so I wanted you to get the full flavor. Anyway, I went out in the snow last year to buy a fan because I couldn't take it anymore. I thought I had a plan this year after I got my air conditioners: I would leave them in during the winter and the little draft that would come in would balance out the mountains of heat that comes in the apartment (no, I cannot regulate my own heat). Well, we had the coldest day ever like a week and a half ago so I took the ACs out. Now, its BLAZING in here.

So, now I'm sick and have been all week. Because it is so hot in here, I've had to resort back to the fan and sleeping under it. I can't let the window open because I live on a noisy street and would never fall asleep. This has resulted in body aches, loss of voice, ears hurting, etc. I can't sleep without the fan and haven't put the ACs back in yet.

I hate being sick and having to take care of myself! My mom lives up the block but I will not burden her with this small thing (she's called everyday to check on me though). With the way I'm feeling, it would be nice if I had a lil friend or something come over here so that I could lay up under him and have him take care of me (I don't think I'm contagious...just a lil cold). In a perfect world, that would have happened a couple times this week. I ran out of Theraflu earlier this week and in my Target run for Christmas gifts for my nephew and his brother and sister, I forgot to get it. It would have been nice if...well, you get the picture.

Anyway, I really enjoy The Single Life overall. But this week, it has SUCKED.

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Eb the Celeb said...

When it hits you.. it hits you like a brick doesn't it... your flaunting around happily single and then bam it hits you... that it would be nice to have a man... ugh!