Monday, April 27, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret??

About a month and a half ago, I started thinking about trust in terms of the people in my circle. So often, we hear people say how they trust this person and that person - just all willy nilly with it - but I wondered if that was really true. So I decided to do a poll to see where people really stand on it.

Most people were a little speechless at first and could only say, "That's a good ass question. Let me think." After thinking, seven out of 10 people told me they trust three people. Yes, THREE. Here's the thing: I asked them who they could trust with their LIFE. You know how people always say , "I trust XYZ with my life" and be dead serious about? Well, if you really had to, would you really trust all those people you used that phrase on? Some of the people didn't name their very significant other or their parents (those are the ones you would think would generally be on the list, right?) but rather their closest friends. On the lighter end of that same phrase, it simply meant, "How many people do you trust with your innermost secrets?" It was real interesting to see the brain wheels moving and getting REAL answers.

The FP said (and ya'll know he likes to go "deep), "There are quite a few I trust in my circle but I trust them to different levels. There are some I would tell one thing to and not another and - there are just different levels of trust for me. Some people who trust me with their lives and there secrets I wouldn't dare tell my business to" As long winded as it was (okay, not really) , I got the point and actually had two other people who shared a similar opinion.

I, too, came up with three people. I don't think they'd ever let something happen to me and if it did, I could only believe in my "next life" that they did all the could to help. I don't think that by having a certain two, three, five, or 10 people that you choose to fully trust mind, body and soul means you don't like, love or trust in SOME CAPACITY your other friends. I know it's hard to trust people nowadays because people do disappoint you sometimes. But try not to be completely jaded (Lucky uses that word sometimes - I TRY not to); it's just beautiful to have at least one person that you trust with everything.


Who so you TRUST? Are you for sure?


LovinMe4Me said...

To put it simple, I trust God. I know I know not the answer you're looking for. But I have a problem with trust (working on that day by day) because I'll say it there have been close family members and so-called close friends who have shown me I can't trust them and in all those cases have really hurt a sista. So I keep a heck of a lot to myself because of this. But as I get older and a lil wiser I know I can't continue life like this, so I ask God to show me that person(s) who I can go too and He does, funny thing it's the same person(s) (You Rock God!!).


(I know I gets deep with it, lol)

N.O. LADI said...

The people who I trust have proven themselves in my life. My number is 4. There are 4 people in my life who I trust with my life. These people would never let anything happen to me nor would they tell my secrets. Trust is a fragile, fragile thing. The FP gave a great answer and I agree with alot of what he said.

K*Mack said...

Good question...I honestly can say the only person I trust like that is myself. I am too scared to put all of my trust in someone.