Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Self-diagnosis: Baby Fever

Baby fever is real.  Well, either its real or I just love kids even more than I already knew I did.

Here are my symptoms:

-Always smiling at moms with children (up until a certain age because otherwise, that's just be creepy)
-Always ready to strike up a "convo" with a baby or play with them
-Fully ready to babysit anyone with a child up until about age 10
-Constantly noticing kids' clothes and how "cute they'd be" on a little person

I went on a little vacation last weekend and outside of me enjoying the sites, I was most excited to see all the parents out with their kids just enjoying their time together. I had a particularly rousing "conversation" at a restaurant with a 6 month old (roughly) about the joy she was having eating her baby food.  I was even excited for a couple walking by me on the riverfront discussing how excited they were to have their first child.

Do these symptoms mean I really have baby fever?  Before we go on, let's see some other things:

-I have no desire to KEEP anyone's child forever.
-The moments of "I'ma get me one" are almost always fleeting
-I don't have a man to help get the job done

Oh and one last thing...?  I'm 32 and still not concerned about my biological clock.  I don't believe it doesn't exist because Father Time isn't always on our side when it comes to our bodies and levels of stress; I just don't think about the "tick tock" very often.  But I do hope to have children one day and my latest question to myself has been: If I'm not worried about a biological clock, am I very open to adoption one day?  I mean, all children deserve parents who'll love and care for them and I'm pretty sure I will be able to do that when it is my time to have some little ones - or A little one - in my house.

So is this baby fever or am I severely affected by cute kid syndrome? Is there a doctor in the house?

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