Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Here's the thing: It's not that I hate blogging. I actually find it to be fun, helpful and to an extent, therapeutic.  One thing about me is that there's rarely a moment when I don't have something to say. The problem is that I don't always have something to say that belongs in this space.  So I'll come back with a few things to say, say them and then be gone 'til I have something else to write about. For someone who claims to want to write a book one day (been claiming that for eight years), you'd think I could at least get like three blog posts out a week, right?  It's not that easy for me and I've been fighting myself about it.

But just a few hours ago on Twitter, one of my favorite writers, Aliya S. King, posed a challenge to all her followers who are writers or who would like to write: 30 posts in 30 days. My first thought? "SHIT."  My very next thought? "I'm doing it."  The only way to be a writer is to write (and read but hell, you can't be a writer without having written) and I'm not doing it as regularly as I should.  My freelance gig definitely entails writing but I'm limited in that capacity so the other option, besides other freelance gigs, is to use this space.  I mean, that's the reason I started it a few years ago anyway; even if no one ever read what I wrote, I was going to keep on doing it.  I'm doing myself a huge disservice by not sticking to my old rules.

I'm here now though, primarily in thanks to Aliya and her husband (he initiated the challenge). This is going to be hard for me because outside of my admitted laziness, I'm always tired from my day job and its constant stresses.  But if moms with f/t jobs can do it, if bloggers who make big money from it can do it...surely I can. 

*cue Jill Scott* Goddddd, please hear my call, I'm afraaaaiddddd...

Number One.

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Wondertwin said...

Bravo! You absoutely CAN do it and I'll be here reading. :-)