Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Music Makes Me High

In the month or so that I've been thinking about getting back to blogging full-time, I realized that one thing would likely get lost in the shuffle: music chat.

Although I use this space to talk about virtually anything, I primarily keep it focused on life (mine or the people in my life), love and all that in between.  I love to talk about that kind of stuff and though my life as a whole is due for an overhaul, I can chat about it all day. 

But music is a lifelong love of mine.  As a child, my parents owned crates and crates of albums. (Actually, I guess they really belonged to my dad because my mom got rid of them right after she got rid of him, lol.) I would look at the album covers while the album itself played, always intrigued by who wrote what song, what label the artist was on and played what instruments were played during certain songs.  That trend has absolutely carried into adulthood and before I finally broke down and got an mp3 player, my biggest worry was buying albums online because I was scared I couldn't read the ever important jacket.  Music literally means the world to me.

I knew I couldn't leave it out when I started blogging even though, like I said, that wouldn't be the full focus.  I do, however, take the music posts even more serious than the non-music posts which is why they don't pop up very often.  But lately I've been thinking that I might need to do something more with it so that (1) it won't get lost in the midst of other posts and (2) I can continue to express my own excitement about different aspects of music. I've been thinking about some different ways to do that and nothing is set in stone but just know I'm working some things out in my mind.

For now, during the #30IN30 challenge, there's a good chance you'll still see music posts - especially if something really pulls at me and I need to talk about it. After that, we'll see if something different happens. In the words of Boardwalk Empire's own Chalky White...could be, could be not.

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