Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Talk With Brooklyn

Dear "New" Brooklyn.

We've got to talk.  I know you're enjoying your new found fame but things are changing at a rapid pace and I need to address you before I lose it.  I know you're enjoying your new found fame and I can appreciate it. People are finally realizing what lifelong Brooklynites (or at least those who've been here for at least 20 years) have already known: you are wonderful. You are complex. You get on our nerves.  You are the place we are sad to leave if we must go.  And that's great for you! But slow down son, you're killing us.

First of all, this Barclay's Center.  I just can't support it.  Its built in an already crowded area and despite what the powers-that-be may think, that stadium makes it harder for us to access our grocery stores and retail shops in the area - especially on concert/show/game days.  The stores that have been in the area for years have had to shut down because you ("you" is Brooklyn, by the way) need the space for the stadium.  People were moved out of their homes for the same reason.  Every time I see it, I am reminded that Brooklyn has drastically changed over the last 10 years and this is just the "icing on the cake."

Second and most importantly, Brooklyn? You've allowed these transplants to move here and they actually believe they ARE Brooklyn.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm friends with many people who've moved here from other states and I love them dearly.  But for the purpose of our chat, I have to throw them in the collective. Long gone are the days of going to a party in Brooklyn and not only enjoying the people but the music as well.  Long gone are the days of not having to dress to the 9s (unless you wanted to, of course) just to go dance. Hell, long gone are the days of dancing. Now it seems that to go to a party in Brooklyn, you have to be dressed to the 9s.  You have to sit around and be cute.  You have to almost act as though the music doesn't exist.  By the way, most of the people at these parties aren't even from Brooklyn.  Its the weirdest little...thing.

Before you think I'm attacking you, let me say that I know you're not totally at fault. People from Manhattan moved here because they were financially pushed out. That started the trend and everyone followed suit.  The stores traveled and so came the prices and the Manhattan "attitude."  I guess after that, the natural progression was for Brooklyn to be morphed into some cheaper version of Manhattan.  But that's what we don't want.  We've been in our own little word for so long that we have our own identity. One that we'd like to keep, than you very much.

I don't want to continue to sound like the cranky ol' Brooklyn girl who misses her city.  I am absolutely fine with the idea that things often have to go through some changes, I really am.  I always want my borough to shine as brightly as it can.  Brooklyn has always been the "diamond" of the five boroughs despite what anyone else thinks.

"New" Brooklyn, we as "Old" Brooklyn don't owe you anything.  Don't force us into being what we're not. Take a step into our world and see what you've missed. I'm sure after that we can come to a common ground.


"Old(ie) But goodie" Brooklyn

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