Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excuse Me...You Are??

New Year's Eve 2009

Me and my girls, affectionately known as PDS (Party Don't Stop crew), were doing the in-house thing and a few "regulars" were also there. For some reason, everyone we come in contact with really likes hanging out with us so even if it's a guy, we quickly become so "cool" with them that they're like buddies. Anyway, it was a small group of us which included a co-worker of mine and a friend and his girlfriend ringing in the new year together. The ball had dropped, we'd discussed J. Lo's desperation performance and indirect plea to stay relevant, and were about to start what was sure to be an INTENSE game of Taboo. Then the doorbell rang.

He walks in. "Oh my," I'm thinking, "He is cah-ute. Whose friend is he? Is he kicking it with one of my girls?" Tall, brown-skin, glasses, nice build...just CUTE. So, when my friends and I think a guy is "universally attractive," we all give each other the quick glance around the room. But this time - thankfully - I'm the only one glancing. Come to find out, one of the guys who was there told him to come through. Introductions were made and we keep the party going with our latest addition. The night goes on and we're having a great time with Taboo. As it turns out, the Cutie has fallen right into comfort with us like he belongs here. After the game is done, we all chat while watching a movie and I find out he's involved in music and/or entertainment and...he's from down south. Be still, my beating heart - everyone who knows me knows I have a thing for a man from the South with some swagger. The conversation between all of us (the Cutie and I had no "me and Cutie" time) was great and as we hugged (cut it out, he was cool and we all became friendly very quick) I told him to make sure he came around more because "we like you."

Two weeks later.

Ladybug (member of the PDS crew) is trying to find out why Cutie and I haven't become even more cool. I realize that I'm the "odd man out" and we become Facebook friends. Riddle me this: When you become friends with someone on FB that you're attracted to, what are the first two things you check? *waiting* EXAAAAACTLY! You check their "status" if its available and you look at the pictures. So you know that's what I did because by now, my faithful readers get the feeling I would do that, right? Right. Aaaaaaaand, crush OVER.

Cutie is "in a relationship" and...I know her!! How funny is that?! We're not good friends or even associates but we've seen each other enough times to be cordial to each other to the point where I can say, "Yeahhh, I know her." They're a SERIOUS couple too. And you know what? I couldn't even roll my eyes (more than once) or be like "Whatever" because the truth is, they are SO cute together. Like, for real cute together. Thinking back to New Year's Eve, I was actually happy about my bout with shyness that I sometimes have when it comes to men. So after I rolled my eyes once and said, "DRATS," I was over it.

We crush and keep cruisin'.

But DAMN (that's to emphasize the cute level)!!

On to the next one.
*I actually hate that song "On To The Next One" but it was fitting for the end*

**Strong possibility the person this is referring to will read it. I guess if this blog is going to be full disclosure, I can't leave out important things - even if it is clear who I'm talking about. Still, that would be odd, huh? He's still cute though...just can't be looking LIKE THAT anymore**


LovinMe4Me said...

Sometimes the shyness does come in handy :)

But isn't it something when you see a yummy and you giving him the flirt eye only to find out he's not available for yummy-ness, in your mind you're like "PHHUUUCKKK, LUCKY SO & SO HEFFA" (or is that only me :)


Anonymous said...

I love it! LOL..... I will keep some comments to myself because if that person reads it, he will SURELY know its about him! LOL

N.O. LADI said...

Funny, you have a thing for Southern dudes & you're from NY & I have a thing for NY dudes & I'm from the N.O. LOL. But seriously, don't you HATE when that happens?!? I agree with LM4M, sometimes shyness is a great thing. I also feel that FB is the gift & the curse. You can find out so much but all info isn't good info. What's funny is I met one of my best male friends in a situation like yours. He walked in & I was instantly attracted. Which was crazy to me cause I had a man. He later told me that he was attracted as well, even though he had a girl. He & I became friendly & years later he's still around. Nothing has ever jumped off between us. I love him dearly. Crazy the way life plays out though.

BrooklynBred said...

@LM4M: I was truly thinking that b/c outside of looks, he is a real cool dude. Good for her though.

@N.O: That's something. So is there now or has there ever been any sexual tension between the two of you?

@Anonymous: Please don't drop the "quote of the night." LOL! I almost titled it just because!

N.O. LADI said...

There was a ridiculous amount of sexually tension frm the start. We've kissed before, flirted endlessly, & have slept in the same bed. But we've never crossed the line. And, at this point, i'm confident that we never will. It took us a long time to get to this place in our friendship though.

wynsters the tigress said...

sometimes that happens! *shrug* there will be many others ;-)