Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tracking & Confirming

A package was sent to me by a friend who makes THE ILLEST and DOPEST soaps, candles, scrubs, and lotions EVER a week ago. I was sooo souped because I was a couple of days from my Atlanta trip and knew I was going to be smelling extra good while down there (you go see a man you're digging, you want to do a lil something "extra"). So, I go to the Post Office and after waiting about seven minutes or so, Spook (the guy at the window) comes back to tell me they can't find the package. I'm sorry, what? I give Spook my phone number as asked and he told me someone would notify me as soon as it was found. I get to work (late now after waiting for no reason) and immediately receive a voicemail from a cell phone number; it was Spook saying they'd found my package and to come get it. I was a little confused about why he called from a cell phone number but figured that it might have been the closest phone to him at the time.

Will someone PLEASE tell me why this same man called me the NEXT AFTERNOON (I, of course, didn't recognize the number but I still answered the phone)?! After Spook identified himself, he said, "I'm calling to ask you out on a date." I was in SHOCK. COMPLETELY. We had about a one minute convo where I told him that wasn't possible b/c I have a boyfriend (yes, a LIE but I always feel the need to give a reason when I'm COMPLETELY unattracted to the man) and he, in turn, told me that is NOT what he wanted to here but I have a fan at the post office. Oh. Okay then.

A co-worker of mine told me, after I'd re-enacted what had just occurred, that had he been more "my type," that I wouldn't have had a problem with that call. Oh, and that I never know where I'll meet my husband. FAIL. Even if he had been my "type," which changes all the time (I just like what I like in the moment), I would have been completely spooked out (hence, his nickname) because of his abuse of power in terms of using my number. If Spook needed to speak to me so bad and couldn't do it upon my return to the post office, he should have slipped a little note with my package. You do not call a number that you should no longer have (which was written on the paper that had a copy of my package slip which had my address on it) just to try to find you a date. Helllooooo?? Stalker tendencies anyone?! No, he was not attractive to me and in fact, after seeing him for so many years at the PO I thought he was gay, but that wasn't even the point. You don't wild out like that! I decided not to call a manager about that "situation" but had he called again, I most definitely would have taken action. PLEASE BELIEVE IT.

There are a million ways to meet someone, people. THIS is a clear example of what NOT to do.

BTW, never know where I'll meet my husband? I definitely don't think I'm there yet. Woo sah!!


N.O. LADI said...

Oh no ma'am! No dude did not take it upon himself to call you up?? What in the unprofessional hayle?? That is so wack and lame. Dude was bold as hell, right? This is just too much for me.

wynsters the tigress said...

well said.

LovinMe4Me said...

DAYUUUMMM!!! Yes, he is a stalker, good grief!!