Saturday, August 29, 2009


So, I have a guilty pleasure. I've been watching, on a daily or every other day basis, Starbury TV. For those who haven't heard, this is an online stream of Stephon Marbury's (he's a basketball player for those who REALLY don't know) daily doings and other stuff. When I first started watching, I thought he was crazy but now, I think he's moreso trying to get a reality show than he is crazy. He's entertaining for me and more importantly, he usually streams from one of his houses (one in LA and one in NY where spends most of his time) which I love to see because I love a beautiful house.

On any given night, he has "Ladies Night." Now, there are already a lot of women in the chat room (he chats with the viewers too) so during Ladies Night, he put on some kind of sexy feeling music, looks "longingly" in the camera, and does something with his lips or tongue or something. He always has his shirt off during this time and will sometimes do one of his many dances. I don't know if I'm supposed to be feeling something in my love below (thanks, Lucky!) but I'm usually just laughing. Anyway, the other women for the most part are typing things like "OMG, Steph, don't do this to me" or when he says "how do you feel right now," they're replying with "I'm moist right now." Yes, bring your eyebrow down - I had to do the same thing. Did I mention he's a very married man (he mentions his wife almost daily and wears his ring)?

Is this a form of linestepping? I mean, are these women really overstepping their boundaries, albeit just over the internet, with their e-sexual advances toward this married man? One woman last week said to him that she would "ride the sh*t out of his pole." No, but seriously, she did. As I watch, I'm always wondering if his wife is watching and if she is, how does she feel about what they say to him and more importantly, how she feels about him initiating it all even though he doesn't say anything NEARLY as forward as the women. She knows he does the stream so I'm pretty sure she's seen "Ladies Night" at least once or twice.

How do we feel about sexual internet advances when a person is admittedly married or in a committed relationship? Is it okay because it's "just the internet" and you'll probably never meet the person? Is it still wrong because even though you may not ever meet, what you've said (or did because in the general world, flirting via internet usually results in some type of picture being swapped) is something you likely would never tell your partner about? Where do you draw the line?

Let's talk!


LovinMe4Me said...

Hmmm, very interesting. I will admit I have flirted with people via on-line & in person who I know are married but it was in fun and not only do I not cross the line I don't go near that line. And most of the time it was a 1 time thing.

The thing about on-line flirting is, it may become a habit. Your man/woman may start to seek out tht on-line person from time to time to get their dose of cyber-goodies. So would I have a problem with my man flirting on-line, yeah but I wouldn't stress it though howvever, I will keep my 3rd eye on it.

If it's harmless flirting, I shouldn't find out about it but if I see a pattern then the alarms will be ringing.

As for Stephan, I need to check him out, he sounds like a HAM (hot ass mess), lol!!


wynsters the tigress said...

i agree with flirting is potentially dangerous for relationships, especially for ones as committed as a marriage. i would not be happy with my husband doing something like that online. it's an invitation for trouble.

N.O. LADI said...

I think that online anything can have the potential to go sideways. The married person in the situation should set up the boundaries. If he is running around on these here internets e-flirting and more, than he is gonna run up on some trouble. I also think that the freedom of the internet allows folks the strange ability to be way more aggressive than they would normally be. Message boards are funny places.