Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Rules of Conversation

My biggest flaw, I've been told by more than one person more than one time, is that I sometimes cut people off when they're talking. I never mean any harm at all, really only doing it b/c the thought hit me so quickly that I want to let it out before I forget, but I know it can be annoying so I've been working on it since last year. It was completely bought to my attention after an argument with the FP because he "couldn't take it anymore" and I guess I needed to be stopped. I bought this to my mother's attention and she was like, "Um yeah, you DO cut me off a lot too." She likes him and so she was trying to have his back (picture me with a mean face right now); never met him, but she likes him. Seriously though, I know she has a point to.

Anyway, after a conversation with the FP (he called me - this is VERY important), we ended up having what was a disagreement/argument/difference of opinion on "the rules of conversation." These are his rules, as I've never heard them before and think they're kind of crazy (I told him that too but he just thinks I'm wrong, hence "the differences."). Anyway, for the sake of length and to leave out some of our convo, these are the rules (he didn't SAY these were "rules," but that's what I'm calling them:

  1. When a person calls you, they are usually doing so because they want something and not just calling "to be calling." Note: He did later edit this to say that's how HE is and maybe not everyone is like that.
  2. The person who calls basically controls the flow of the conversation.
  3. The RECEIVER of the conversation is supposed to let the person who called ask all the questions and they should basically just be on the phone to answer or give opinions when necessary.
  4. Conversations don't need to jump all over the place.
I mean, FOR REAL?? This doesn't make sense to have these kinds of rules for a conversation. AT ALL and I'm baffled. In respect to Rule #4, I think this is in reference to the way I am in conversations: if I think a question has been exhausted, I tend to just move on. It might be the most random next topic ever but that's how I am in conversation. It's not personal and nothing against him...just my way.

But yeah, about these rules: What do ya'll think?

Speak to me.


N.O. LADI said...

FP rules of engagement are way weird. A conversation is made up of many varied different thing. So, hence it ewill and should jump from topic to topic. I also make calls just for the sake of calling...not specifically that I want something. He sees real set in his own ways...which could be dangerous. Cause people like that never tend to bend or adapt very well. This is juct my opinion though! Good luck, chick!

Taylor said...

I condsider myself an expert at both proper etiquette and conversation and I have never heard of these supposed rules listed above.