Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Right Now!

So, the Giants just lost the game and I'm TIGHT right now. There are so many people to blame and so much garbage that just occurred that I don't know what to do. During the game, the only people I would talk to are those on "my" messageboard (it isn't really mine so no links will be given but we've been posting for years together so I guess WE run it, lol). I talked to Lucky basically during halftime but that's it. It was a tense time for me and I could not and WOULD NOT be bothered by idle phone conversation. For what?!?! Contrary to popular belief, many women love football and there are only a few things that would make them part with the Sunday routine...especially during playoff season. So I pose the question: Why would you bother someone when you KNOW something important is going on (whether you deem it important or not is irrelevant)??

Ladies, some men love sports; why you would make yourself angry by interrupting them during these hours (ESPECIALLY when their team is playing) is beyond me. If they're anything like me or anything like men I know, they will either try to give you SOME attention but still watch the game or brush you off altogether. Now, he's annoyed that you're interrupting KNOWING the game is on with your slick comments of, "It's just ain't getting paid to watch it" and all that stuff and YOU'RE annoyed because you don't have the full attention. If the conversation is important to you and the subject has been on your mind, why wait until Sunday afternoon to bring it up? Shoot, it would probably be better to talk about "it" later that night. But God forbid THE TEAM loses (as the Giants just did), maybe you better just test the waters on when it's cool to act "regular" because this could now be a delicate situation. Don't do it to yourself!

Men, we as women have "our shows." In case ya'll don't know (maybe because you only watch sports or just news or something like that), we have OUR SHOWS that are highly important to us and we cannot focus on a phone call (I use phone call because it seems that men usually always want to be calling us right at THAT time) and we cannot help you with something at that moment (maybe he's at your house, you're at his, or ya'll live together). SERIOUSLY, do not bother us unless it is VERY serious. As nurturers we'll gladly dvr the show (you know we will and I'm sure you would too - we all have dvr for the most part anyway) and give you full attention; but if you cannot find something or need to make something and don't know how, you're going to need to wait 30-60 minutes until the show goes off. No, it's really simple!

And it's not just television - everyone has "their thing" that gives them "me time" and it's kind of unfair for friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and relatives to knowingly interrupt during this time! I consistently watch a few shows and though my people may not know WHAT the show is, they generally know what time I will be occupied. If I'm at a concert, I'm moreeeee than excited about that and have told everyone on more than one occasion what day and time this show is happening...DON'T CALL ME! I don't wanna talk!! Respect my "me time" gangsta!!

Let this be a lesson, ladies and gents...respect the time!

*goes to sulk about this game*


LuckyGirl said...

Whether you deem it important IS relevant. It's usually the fact that you DON'T think its important that you interrupt.

I don't think this is going to change cause sports is divided into like two: those that care and those that don't. Yes, there are shades of grey but mostly that's how it is.

I think its about being considerate mostly. If you are not bleeding out, and you call on someone and they are busy, fall back. Plain and simple.

But we all know common sense is NOT common.

Miss BB is... said...

*gasps* Lucky!!!

You're absolutely right. What's funny is that without me ever mentioning this post at work, we had a convo about this. The people who could care less about sports were like, "So whaaaaaaaaaat, the team is losing!!" I was getting tight all over again!

LovinMe4Me said...

Hey, well you know I'm a TV-Aholic (btw, I miss our GG text convos) and I can respect when folks are watching their programs. As for men and their sports, I grew up with sport fantics (Mom loved her football, bros & pop loved basketball and baseball) and the rule in the house was, unless it's God or Grandma, don't even talk to me while the game is on.
I can't tell you how many women have whined about "oh, he doesn't act like he wants me around when the game is on". I tell them, you can do 2 things, learn about the sport and watch it with him or do your own thing while he is doing his.
Bottom line, like lucky girl said, be considerate (which we all know folks have a hard time doing).

Take Care, XOXO