Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Over the Hump

So today, my first post went up on the Get Em Girls site (here's the link: The Great Debate: Yesterday vs. Today) so things are definitely starting to take form in my quest for "Shine in the '09!" I'll give updates when I put new pieces up there but I encourage you all to go to on the regular because it is really a cool website.

So, if you click on my name over there, it will link you to this blog. That's a great thing because I'd love to grow my tree a little bit. LOL! But if you'll remember, the FP (along with other friends that I've mentioned before) does NOT know this even exists. Until now. As I was telling myself today at work that I need to send him the link to the GEG article, I remember that my name links to here. So, I made the decision to tell him about "Brooklyn Blue" and the other article at the same time. As we know, I've been nervous to tell him about because (1) I don't know how he feel about me talking about some things that include he and I and (2) it just makes me nervous sometimes. But anyway, I told him and he told me he would check it out. We haven't spoken since I sent it to him and good or bad, mad or not, I can't wait to hear what he has to say.

Either way, I made a vow to try not to censor myself...for anyone. Everything I've said about him on here (as far as I can recall) we've talked about. I don't disrespect the nature of our friendship ever (even when we're frustrated with each other) so I think it'll be just fine for him to read it. And yes, I've been thinking about it since I clicked the "send" button.

Let it go already, girl...I'm over the hump!


N.O. LADI said...

I think all will be well! You have never presented him in a negative light. He should be ok with it!

LovinMe4Me said...

I think he'll be fine. I agree you should censor yourself for anything.


kendra816 said...

You need your creative outlet. Let the chips fall where they may.