Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Reunion

I have a sister. *drops the mic*

Ok wait, let's be clear: I've always known that and I know who she is. It's just that in the almost year that I've had the blog, I don't recall ever mentioning that. But yes, she exists. The last time I saw her I was 16 (we're 9 years apart and TODAY, 6.23, happens to be her birthday) and the last time we spoke, I was 21 and my parents were divorcing (we have different moms). Since that conversation in May 2001, I haven't spoken to her again. Think of her from time to time? Yes, but I had no way of reaching out to her so we didn't speak. I asked my dad a couple of times but he said he didn't have a way of contacting her either. The one cousin who she was tight with? Nothing. So here I was with a sister (and a nephew who I also last saw when I was 6) in Virginia but that's it.

I've looked for her on the internet (my dumb self was using MY last name to search for her until my "genius" brother reminded me that she doesn't have our last name) but always came up empty. I looked a couple of months ago but there were so many people with her name in the state of Virginia that I was at a loss. So, I stopped looking. On Sunday, I mentioned her to my friend on Twitter and I said, "Let me look again." This time, I searched using her full name, including her middle initial.

I found a picture. It may have been X amount of years since I'd seen her but I KNOW what my sister looks like. Along with that picture, came some more info and I was able to search her name and her city. EUREKA!! *just HAD to say that* I found a website that had more personal info, including an email address. The only thing that could happen was that the email address would be wrong and I'd either get no response or a "sorry, wrong person" response.

She emailed me RIGHT back! I found my sister in a span of like 5-10 minutes when before, I couldn't find her after looking for hours! We've had email conversation (in which I found out that my father has always had a phone number for her. Yes, you read what I wrote earlier correctly. Hmmph.), she showed me pictures of my nephew who graduated from high school last week, and of course, we're now facebook friends. LOL! She also said that she'll be up here in a couple of months for a few days so we'll likely get to see each other.

Exciting, huh? I think it's pretty cool news. We might reconnect and LOVE each other to death. We can be cool and I might can go visit her sometimes and we hang out. On the flip side, we might not be that cool with each other - be way too different and adult enough to realize that yes we're sisters but no not friends. I'm optimistic but I have no expectations. It is definitely a journey.

You guys ever deal with anything like this? Share.

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LovinMe4Me said...

That's great and whatever happens at least you can contact her without going through the whole mission impossible thing again.

My situation is different but have a few things in common. I have a cousin in Atl, that I didn't know for years. The 1st time we met I was 7 or 8 and only spent 2 days with her (while visiting fam in NC). After that ghost...never saw her again. Anytime I would ask to see Rhoda (me and my cous liked Rhoda better than Mary Tyler), my folks would get wierd about it and say oh we'll call her on Sunday. Sunday would come and nothing. I never understood why my folks didn't let me visit my fam in Atl (and I still don't know). Well fast forward to my 20's, I get a birthday card from Rhoda, talk about left field. Well, my cous wrote me a long letter telling me about herself and how she would love to meet me. Finally, I was going to meet Rhoda (again), so I told my mom I was going to Atl, she got a little wierd about it and keep on questioning my decision (still don't know why mom acted like that). I told mom it was cool and I went. Me and Rhoda had a great time, talking, hanging out, eating, doing all types of mess. You would think we've known each other for years. We've stayed in contact ever since and we have a great relationship. And I re-connected with my uncle and aunt who are the sweetest craziest people I ever met.

I use to think about all the time I lost not visiting my Atl fam but I guess some fam secerts are best not knowing.

Good luck with re-connecting with your sis!! I'm sure you two will hit it off.