Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Draft

The ballers are in town awaiting to see just how financially "balling" they'll be soon. That's right - the NBA Draft is upon us!

As always, there are plenty of pre-parties for current NBA players, future NBA players, A-Z list celebs, and the list goes on and on. You also have people who are trying to network (like people I know), publicize their business and just make a legitimate name for themselves. And then there's...THEM. THEY are the subject of today's topic.

The GROUPIES. Keep in mind that the men that will be drafted tomorrow age from about 17-22 (if they did four years of college) but the groupies? They probably age from about 17 (some kind of way, the youngins get in) - 40 (nothing else to do). These ladies have decided that somewhere in the room(s) lies their future paycheck and find it most important to get to the parties and scope him (or them) out. Unfortunately, one groupie often believes she's the ONLY ONE and that no one else will have the same game plan. As per a Twitter convo last night (follow Miss BB NOW) between friends, RAYN and Meechie informed us that the same sequin-esque dresses were in full effect. What makes them think they'll be the only ones with the outfits and the hair?? Please advise. The clubs were apparently very crowded with the same "girl" and not many with any sense.

Here's the question: Say you actually pull one of these future "ballin ballers"...then what? He doesn't just want you. Some of them have never even sniffed the scent of a woman (forreal - if they get drafted but never started in college not THAT many girls were giving them play) so why in the world would he be faithful to a girl he knew was sniffing his dollars? These groupies believe that because they may get some of the "Vitamin D" and their girls are hanging on to every detail they are special. And look what happens: We laugh at them on Twitter, talk about them on blogs, and if they REALLY get some shine as a groupie, all their info is run on LSA. People are LAUGHING - including the ball players.

I certainly don't need to know what draws the girls (I refuse to say WOMEN) to the guys; I'm aware of the money, lifestyle, and access that it almost automatically hands you. But I do wonder if any of them care about their reputation, their own self-worth, and the ability for them to be able to one day make their own millions. Does the song and dance get old for them? EVER?

Do we continue to laugh and bask in their ignorance? Do we, if we're "friends" with groupies pull them to the side and try to stop one from continuing to do the same thing? OR, do we give advice on how to stand out in the crowd of groupies so they can have their own "draft of groupies?"

Let's talk.


LovinMe4Me said...

The Groupies....(sidebar:well now I know why my hair stylist is booked with appointments this weekend, thus the reason I have to go to my back-up.)

To be honest, I never really got the whole groupie thing because at the end of the day, you had sex with a dude that you may or may not see again, for what some $$, to add on your VIP D**klist or to go to the hot events.

Well, I've met some groupies throughout my adult life and I've seen all type of levels. There is the groupie who is known by dem dudes (meaning athletes and entertainers, Lil Wayne, not sure what he is)and they always call her to let her know what's up with a certain event and they got her(one reason beside being FLY chica, she keeps her mouth close,she doesn't stress the dude and she's down with whatever). This one gets $$ (most of the time). I've come across the one I call the desperate groupie, trying so hard to meet dem dudes, she'll do whoever and whatever she needs to do. And usually she only ends up with dem dudes' homeboys, road manager or security team and she gets very little $$ if any at all.
Then it's the Bold Groupie and let's just say I've seen her in action and I'm still floored. This is the female who don't give a damn, if she wants dem dudes, she'll get him.
NOTE: All these chicks are trying to get paid, some will go that extra mile to make sure she's getting her $$.

BottomLine, these females are going to do whatever the heck they want to do. For the ones who think they're going to be dem dudes boo, well let her be happy in her fool's paradise. I know someone who was/is (don't know if she still is or isn't we don't speak anymore) a groupie and I tried to talk to her she told me "I didn't ask, I'm good, I'm safe and I'm getting mine", so I left it alone. Most of these groupies know what they are doing and see nothing wrong with it and some don't care.

My advice to them is be safe (yeah groupies being a baby momma and getting paid ain't worth risking your life!!)


Melita said...

Most of these women "know" better than you, so you can talk all you want...all they believe is that they will, eventually, get theirs while you are hustling trying to make your own. I've had a few groupie friends, two of them are in their mid-30s and are still in the game; one got married and STILL tries to talk to ballplayers. It's almost like an itch they cannot and do not want to get rid of.

I usually give my friends advice on how to stand out. If you're going to do it, you mind as well be the one they are looking at. No use in being just another pebble in the sand! LOL