Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Domesticated Lady.

Lately, I've been having a conversation with myself about my lack of "do it yourself" energy. I rarely cook, only clean because I like to keep a tidy house, and don't fix things for myself. Why? I guess it's because I've never really HAD to and really just am not interested in it now for the most part. But I know this cannot last. I have to EAT on a daily basis and this will not include me eating out everyday (ironically enough, I never eat out for dinner). What's a girl to do? How do I fix this lack of domestication when it's never been my priority?

Growing up, my mom would always call me into the kitchen when she was cooking - you know, to watch what she was mixing, how much of it, and how it all came together. I NEVER CARED. EVER. It truly bored me to pieces because, just like I do now, I wondered WHY everything had to take so long and why you had to watch the food if it was already cooking. OF COURSE, you have to do that so it won't burn or overcook, but I HATED that part. So, while my mom really wanted me to learn, she saw that I just wasn't interested and stopped making me watch by the time I was like 16. Some 16 years olds knew how to cook by then but since I wasn't ever paying attention, it all just went in one ear and out the other. At this point in my life, I can make a couple of dishes and outside of the meats, I can make a holiday meal that will make you slap ya mama...but that's it. I don't cook everyday foods.

I'm not handy because...I HATE that. I don't want to hang up things or fix things or anything in that sector of life. When things need to be done in my apartment, I often see if I can get a friend to do it or it just MIGHT not get done at all. In this very moment, I have two mirrors, wall cubes, and a picture that need to be hung - I'll only be doing my small mirror and wall cubes. I'm just kind of like "whatever" about this whole idea of being handy around the house. Can't I just automatically have these skills?

So to all my ladies who have these skills, in part or in full, how did you acquire them? How do I get them? I need help...and I'm not joking!


Eb the Celeb said...

I think its simply a personality trait... I hate cooking... I hate being hot and the kitchen in always like a sauna.

I have always been handy... and when I was little breaking stuff to see if I could fix it... I guess the tomboy in me. Have no advice at all on how you can acquire skills. I would assume taking a workshop of some sort could help but that wont bring any passion to it so I would say just focus on what you like doing...lol

Domestic ladies are so 1980 anyway...lol

LovinMe4Me said...

Hey Lady,

I feel you, I'm like that with laundry, I wish I had a Laundry Genie (sad I know).But when I'm down to the "Hey Baby" undies then I have to suck it up, moan & groan and do it.

How do you acquire the skills you mentioned, I'm sure you can ask someone to show you or take a workshop. Or maybe you can try to teach yourself, there are a million how to guides. Look at it this way, you may not want to do it, but once you know how, you don't have to rely on someone doing it (except for cooking, if someone you know and love, like mom, wants to cook, then by all means let them do them).


kendra816 said...

LOL.....I'm not the best cook (I stick to what I know), I hate cleaning (but I do it), and I hate assembling/fixing anything!

Accept your strengths and weaknesses and try not to force anything. There is nothing wrong with getting help, or having someone else do it.

Altho...I would like to take a car mechanic class. I think a woman should know the basics of car repair (oil/tire change).

shortie B said...

Iknow how to patch a wall, fix the toilet,and some other things. Some of them I learned because I watched my father. The rest of them I learned because I didnt want to get my a*& whooped when I was little-lol!
If you want to learn...you will. get some books get a quiet moment and read....and make sure u have a liecensed professional on speed dial!