Monday, February 14, 2011

XOXO...You Know You Love Me!

I've never been big on Valentine's Day. Sure its commercial and all that stuff people who HATE it say it is but that's not the reason. I'm actually not big on any holidays so this is no different. However, on this Valentine's Day 2011, I thought I'd get in on the fun.

Valentine's Day is not just a day for people in relationships to celebrate; rather, its a day for people to dote a little bit more on ANYONE they love. I actually haven't been privy to being a significant other's Valentine however, my mama loooooove me so she's done some nice things. Today, I'll share my cute story (which isn't THAT cute but I like it all the same):

Every year when my brother and I were younger, my mother would bring us the small heart box of four pieces of chocolate. (Hellooooo, don't we all remember those?) I mean, we'd get it every year through my high school years. When I got to college, I think two of the years she sent me special Valentine's Day packages full of candy and snacks/food to keep in my dorm room. But after college, that was it. No more cards, no more candy...nothing. But I never really gave it two thoughts because like I said, holidays aren't really a big deal to me.

Until two weeks ago. Yes, two weeks ago. My mother likes to send things early to ensure that they will reach their by their intended date (mind you, she lives right up the block for me - it takes like a day for mail from either of us to get to the other). She sent me the SWEETEST card! Seriously, I've always known that I get my impeccable sense of card picking from her - the woman knows what she's doing. Check it out (just a lil bit): "...You have such a positive outlook on life and a warm sense of humor that makes it fun just to be around you..." Awwww, Ma!!! The card pounds on the compliments and I love every bit of it.

So my sweet memory comes from my mom. Now, share yours! It can be from a current or former significant other, a good friend, family member, child...whoever! It can be something someone did or said for you OR something you did or said for someone else!

Share the love!


Dushi Trade- Hand-crafted Jewelry Designs said...

Well my older sister has now made it a tradition since I have moved from home (and dealing with a lot of issues) to send me a card for Valentine's as well as other holidays such as Thanksgiving and the beginning of Summer (not a holiday, but it is for me & sis). I thank her, but she truly doesn't realize I really appreciate the thoughts.

Ms. K said...

My Mom has always been big on celebrating everything. For as long as I can remember, there has been a very specific Valentine's day card, a small box of chocolates, and a small stuffed teddy bear. This is her thing. She does the same for my brother. It was always us three. She made sure we knew we were loved and that holidays were special. I love that about her.