Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Change For You

Lebron's going to Miami. By now, some have jumped for joy, some have wished him ill things, some have acted like life is over. Some...well see Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert's letter here (if you haven't read it already). While I'm a huge fan, that is not why we're here today.

Savannah. Savannah Brinson, to be exact. Still not ringing a bell? Well, she is Lebron's long time girlfriend and mother of his two sons. They're roughly the same age (though she might be a year younger) and from what's known, they've been together about 6-7 years. High school sweethearts, she's been with him since he was a scruffy kid with no money and years later, she's with the scruffy young man (minus his appearance on ESPN to announce "the decision" - did you see that SHARP line) who has millions of dollars. He's leaving "working class" Cleveland to head down to Miami - home of the pretty beaches and hot women.

All of a sudden, its time for Savannah to "step her game up." I read message boards and blogs all weekend and saw all the comments of "Savannah needs to get her sh*t together" and "Savannah needs to lose some weight if she wants to compete with those women." Wait, here's my favorite: "Savannah needs to stop looking so regular. She's going to be in South Beach." WHAT? Really? Admittedly, I laughed and shook my head when she and Lebron arrived in Miami and she had a doorag on her head (I read it was 3am when they got in) but not because I was thinking, "She'll never 'keep him' that way." Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing about walking out the house with a doorag on my head. Lucky and I also briefly discussed that "Savannah #mightdontmakeit" down there - but not because of her looks. To our understanding (from reading an interview of a former player's wife), Miami is a different beast and the groupies are hardcore.

But why should Savannah have to physically change her look just because the groupies will be crawling out at a more swarming rate than when he was in Cleveland or because his money might be longer? If the man is going to cheat, he is going to cheat - no matter how good Savannah looks, how dope or expensive her clothes are, how well she cooks, or how HARD she puts it down in the bedroom. He'll do what he wants...if he wants to (and this is not to say he currently is or will) and nothing she does can stop that. They've been together when they both wore Guess jeans and flannel shirts (I'm stereotyping and in my head, that's what they wore in Akron during their HS years)

In fact, why should any woman HAVE to do that? So you meet a man that's universally FINE. HE pursued, you let him and you BOTH liked what you saw on the surface and beneath. Now when people see you, they may say "He dresses NICE all the time? She dresses down - what would he want with her," but is that really necessary? Sure, there may be some aesthetics that to the naked eye that are different but that's why you look deeper. I'm the type of woman that dresses up sometimes, wears jeans/sneakers most the time and am cute ALWAYS - so if someone is with me and he's more "clean cut" than you'd expect ME to have its because there's something more there. When you get with someone, you know what you're getting into. So while you may yearn for something different, you can't change a person and they shouldn't be subjected to have to "upgrade" because their significant other is wealthy or fine (but yes, clean up for a special event - even if its your own style).

Really? Savannah's got to step her game up to compete for her man? The one she's been with for close to a decade?

Let's discuss.


Ummi said...

The truth of it all is folks are so superficial its sickening sometimes. I totally agree with you btw.

Redbonegirl97 said...

Unfortunately that is the way it is. She is going to have to put forth more effort to keep her man because women are going to be throwing at him every which way. Yes he should pass it all up and keep his eyes on his gal, but we all know realistically he isn't going to do that. When he was out and about in Cleveland, she was never in tow, so I doubt if he is bringing her out now. It seems like South Beach is a deal breaker with some relationships and so we will see, but I seriously doubt Bron-Bron is ever going to walk her down the aisle, at least that is my opinion and what I hear from folks here in Ohio.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

N.O. LADI said...

I think it's crazy the nonsense I've been reading about Savannah. Because, truth be told, even if she was his wife, if LeBron wants to cheat, he will. Ain't no ring or marriage certificate gonna stop that. I also don't believe in changing who you are for a man. If he met the real you & fell for the real you, then that's who he wants. We all can work on bettering ourselves. But, I don't suggest anyone alter physical things about themselves to keep a man you've already caught. That's craziness. I also don't want a man to become someone totally different than the man I fell in love with. It migt make me fall out of love...since I don't know/like this new version of him. I'm just saying..

TheMochaPeach said...

Savannah is a GORGEOUS girl in her own right. I wouldnt change at all. But honestly..her and Lebron might have on thing on common after all this is over: a lack of RINGS. *smh* As you said..her "stepping her game up" has nothing to do with Miami..its the nature of the BEAST and those groupies are PROFESSIONAL hoes who go for the jugular. I'm hoping they survive as a couple..but I wish he'd marry her..as a "girlfriend" what security do you have. FL doesnt have palimony laws to my knowledge.. But hey..they are in their 20's..WTF do they know! *smh*

Nudibelle said...

i think its a load of bullshit. he didnt play in cleveland and NEVER LEFT THE STATE. he traveled all over playing, partying..and ITS SOOOO CATTY AND superficial that the first thing thought when it was announced was "OH she abt to get the boot, she better step her game up.." i cringed at every mention of that..shes had to think that way since the man became famous ..mayb it alll abt about LOOKS, mayb she brings somethin else that hell never leave..i dont know thats how i feel, theres temptation EVERYWHERE no matter where he goes..

BrooklynBred said...

@Redbone: But why should she have to step her game up now just because he's moving to Miami? He's FAMOUS and has been, seeing groupies and fly chicks in every city he visits. None of that has made her see the need to "do it better" so why now?

@Mocha: I didn't even want to get into the whole marriage aspect. I KNOW that is also quite the topic when it comes to the two of them. My views seem two sided when it comes to that.

I do believe that if he wants to cheat, there ain't enough stepping in the worold his girlfriend can do. The reality is there will always be a "flyer" chick than you (in this case, than Savannah) but she's keeping true to herself. Seemingly. I don't know. I expected people to say some things but I didn't expect sooooo much comentary.

Lynn Holiday said...

Pretty sure Lebron has probably been to Miami before (as well as New York and L.A., unless I'm missing something and there's a big inpenetrable dome over Cleveland). He's rich...he's more than likely traveled the world and seen and done it all. There's NOTHING special in Miami that he hasn't already seen. I think Miamians are like really overestimating themselves on this one.